Give your home something special: a wood floor is a continuous emotion. Discover everyday the pleasure of the particular welcome that only a natural product can give you.
Be seduced by the beauty and elegance of a fine parquet floor made in Italy by expert hands.






Experience is a fundamental value for us, as we have been working with wood for over 60 years. Bolzan gets the best out of this marvelous material and gives form to floors of great beauty and life long durability.

Today our company represents a reliable and internationally renowned landmark for anyone who wants high-quality parquet flooring.

Bolzan offers you an extraordinary and wide range of opportunities to make your home precious

with the warmest and cosiest floor: from the solid parquet to the two or three layers and the patterns. All the production is made inside the factory with an extremely attentive quality control of every single part of the process: the

selection of the best species of timber, the slow and careful drying, the precise working of the pieces and the handmade treatments. A modern line gives the products stability in the glossiness and high anti-scratch performance.

Thanks to a large

warehouse and to an efficient working area, Bolzan can fulfill every specific request in a short time and transform the clients’ wishes in real parquet floors.

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Bolzan has been a protagonist of parquet in Italy through the last 60 years and it has been able to continue taking particular care of the details and of the precious treatments. It has been able reach an important international level thanks to its great experience in the production of solid parquet and to its capability to offer all its products respecting quality, the set schedule and the environment.

Solid parquet has always been and still is the glory of the company. Bolzan products are creations of great value capable of giving revitalized charm to historic villas and a particular touch of beauty to new both classic and modern refined houses. Bolzan represents the evolution of the traditional parquet. Thanks to a new technology we can combine the prestige of wood in planks with high thickness, with a modern manufacturing that makes the laying easier, safer and more respectful of the environment.

Beyond the solid parquet, Bolzan has developed more contemporary solutions of pre-finished parquet flooring with two or three layers.

In 2011 the company was one of the founders of the "Codice trasparenza Parquet" (parquet transparency code). Thanks to this code Bolzan is ready to give all the information about the place of origin of the timber it uses and the manufacturing and characteristics of the parquet it produces.

Bolzan continuously invests in new technology and customization of the products to offer a large range of colours to be as close as possible to the customer’s wishes.


Francesco Bolzan has spent his all life dealing with wood. He worked with parquet flooring since he was 14 years old in a small parquet factory with his father Antonio and his brother Pietro. In 1951 he started his own sawmill with his family working with timber.

The first production of the new factory Bolzan Antonio & Sons was the packaging of boxes for accumulators. After a while they started making parquet for other factories and later on they would manufacture and sell with their own brand.

Francesco Bolzan has grown up with the company. He has been traveling the world always with the passion and curiosity to find the best timber species. Working with best quality as his goal and with perseverance and intelligence, he has made a number of machineries to improve the production. With his hard work he set the foundations for a strong success.

At the beginning of the 80’s, when his father Antonio died and his brother retired, Francesco Bolzan turned the factory to the third generation. His son Giorgio is now in charge of the factory, but Francesco continues to help and hand on his experience and dedication. 

Giorgio, like the father, grew up in the company. He knows the secrets of timber and all of the techniques.  Thanks to his studies in timber at the university of Turin Giorgio is today a member of the board of directors of Federlegno, the wood floor group.

Giorgio Bolzan manages a factory with the best automatism and technology, producing completely in Italy. Bolzan was one of the first to produce multilayers parquet in Italy and today it produces new measures and finishes with different possibilities of application. All the working process is done inside the factory in S. Martino di Colle Umberto, Italy, in this way there is a direct control of every step of the production and the manufacturing of the parquet is done with the incomparable skills of the staff. High-quality parquet is made thanks to the combination of different and irreplaceable human skills.


Francesco Bolzan


Francesco Bolzan




We all love living in a safe and comfortable home. When timber, the most ecological of materials, is respected and treated with conscience it can be made into wood floors that give pleasure and wellness. Bolzan does its best to keep the parquet sound choosing the best varnish and adhesive. In this way it’s possible to build houses where you can leave peacefully, leaving pollution out of the door.


In the two and three layers pre-finished floor, Bolzan uses a specific central support of red fic-wood that comes from Austrian forests, certified PEFC. With its ecologically correct attitude, Bolzan choses timber with exceptionally high stability and elasticity, producing parquet with only one adhesive point and containing the formaldehyde emission below the levels required by the European regulation.



Every Bolzan parquet is subject to strict controls and it has always proven its ecological soul, exceeding all the standards of health and eco-friendless. The tests carried out by CATAS, the Italian institute for the research and tests for wood products, have confirmed the absolute respect of the limits of formaldehyde and dangerous emission.


Bolzan continues to invest in a more eco-friendly production and in natural raw materials. Wood waste of production is considered an important resource of energy too and it is used to stoke the drying machines and the heating. There is no use of polluting energies and there is more energy efficiency.


(Parquet transparency code)

Believe in quality means establishing a more honest relation with the customers. For this reason Bolzan was one of the promoting factories of the Parquet Transparency Code the promise to offer customers clearer information about the products. Bolzan has decided to give its customers information about several characteristics that usually aren’t published. To give its customers the possibility of making a more conscious choice Bolzan gives all of the information about its parquet. Customers can know the origins of the raw materials, the place and type of manufacturing and the characteristics of the parquet.


With the Parquet Transparency Code born in 2011, Bolzan wants to make a trust agreement with its consumers who are finally free to make a real choice based on the superior value of quality, manufacture and respect of the environment.

Download Brochure Codice Trasparenza Parquet


Bolzan parquet is 100% made in Italy and this guarantees the customer that the essential part of manufacturing, from the project to the final products, is made exclusively in Italy.


CE brand certifies that Bolzan parquet has all of the requirements to guarantee a safe use in residential or commercial areas. Moreover the CE parquet can be renovated sanding it again and making a new finishing.


Bolzan gives its customers the opportunity to realize their parquet choosing among an infinite range of wood species, sets and possibilities of laying. It’s also possible to realize particular and fascinating patterns like the classic French-fish-bone.


Those who prefer the purity of lines can realize great impact floors thanks to the charm and grandeur of maxi Listoni. Freedom is extraordinary and guaranteed with Bolzan.


The natural beauty of the wood floor requires very simple care. Bolzan parquet floors are made with the best raw materials and offer good resistance to use and stain in normal daily use.

For ordinary maintenance it’s enough to clean the floor with a damp cloth everyday. We also recommend the use of specific products for parquet.

For extraordinary maintenance it’s necessary to contact qualified people.

It’s important to keep the humidity of the air between 45% and 60%, and during winter season the temperature should not be higher than 25 Celsius degrees.

Ordinary maintenance of varnished parquets.
To preserve your floor we advise you:

  1. To keep a clean doormat at the entrance of the house, in order to clean the shoes from dust or abrasive particles.
  2. To dust mop or use the vacuum cleaner when necessary.
  3. To regularly wet mop with very little water and neutral wooden floor cleaner.
  4. To periodically apply specific products to protect the parquet.

The frequency of this treatment depends on the intensity of the use of the parquet.

Ordinary maintenance of waxed parquets:
To preserve your floor we advise you:

  1. To keep a clean doormat at the entrance of the house, in order to clean the shoes from dust or abrasive particles.
  2. To dust mop or use the vacuum cleaner when necessary.
  3. To regularly wet mop with very little water and neutral wooden floor cleaner.
  4. Take away shoes gummy or stain with special product for wax.
  5. Polish periodically and when necessary apply another coat of wax.

The frequency of this treatment depends on the intensity of the use of the parquet.

Maintenance for oiled parquet.

The cleaning will be same as with the varnished parquet simply using a specific product for oiled parquet. You can finish cleaning with a natural fiber cloth. It is important to pay attention not to use too much water in order to avoid whitish color.
In case of wearing of the wooden floor or part of it please apply a small quantity of maintenance oil and polish with a mop.



(from "Il Parquet" by Federlegno Arredo)

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